Group Badminton Lessons

Calgary Group badminton training

We Offer Group Badminton Training

Training Pathway

Our training program pathways are designed for all different players. You will find the training challenging and meaningful, tailored to whatever your badminton goals and levels are.  

We have an experienced, passionate, and professional coaching team to help you maximize your potential. 

We offer quality courts with sprung floors and many other amenities to protect and enhance your training. 

Unsure of what classes to take? Contact us for a complimentary assessment!

Beginner Lessons

For students new to badminton.

Intermediate Lessons

For students who have some basic skills looking to expand their skill set and build more consistency.

School Competitive

Intensive program designed for school team players (Junior High & High School).

Jr. High Performance

For students looking to play on a provincial, national, or elite level.

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