YONEX AJC Silver – Red Deer Junior

Good job all GAO athletes! You all showed amazing improvements this weekend. Keep up the good work! SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Alan Zhang and Lucy Fu for the Triple Crown 🥇🥇🥇

Congrats to Nevan G. And Yulin Ding for your first AJC titles!


Lucy Fu GS🥇GD🥇XD🥇

Alan Zhang BS🥇BD🥇XD🥇

Amy Liu GD🥇GS🥉


Nevan G. BS🥇BD🥉

Solomon Tong BD🥉


Yulin GD🥇XD🥇GS🥉

Josiah Tong XD🥇

Jacob Gao BD🥈


Jialu Fu BS🥉


Josiah Tong BS🥇

Kai Ichikawa XD🥉

2018 Yonex Alberta Junior Elite

Well done Team! Special shout out to Tia Clark and Noah Xu for your first National Elite Titles!! 


Josiah Tong BD🥈 BS conso🥈 XD🥈

Brooks Liu BD🥈 XD conso🥉

Yulin Ding GS conso🥉 GD conso🥉

Jacob Gao BD conso🥉


Noah Xu BS🥇 BD🥈

Tia Clark GD🥇

Bethany Tong GD🥉

Roya Mehri GS conso🥉

Logan Read BD conso🥉XD conso🥉

Jialu Fu BD conso🥉


Rebecca Wang GD 🥉

Roya Mehri XD conso🥉

Anton Angeles XD conso🥉

Congratulations to all medalists! Special shout out to Solomon Tong for the triple crown

2018 Yonex AJC GOLD – Derrick Club 


Solomon Tong BS🥇 BD🥇 XD🥇

Amy Liu GD🥇 XD🥈 GS🥉

Alan Zhang BD🥇 XD🥈


Nevan BD conso🥈


Josiah Tong BS🥉 BD🥉 XD🥉

Yulin Ding XD🥉

Thomas Van der Sloot BD🥉

2018 Yonex AJC GOLD – Royal Glenora Club 


Tia Clark GD🥈 XD🥈

Jay Yip BD conso🥈


Noah Xu BS🥇XD🥈BD🥉

Anton Angeles BD conso🥉

Kia Ichikawa BD conso🥉

Team Japan Training

Congratulations to all Gao Badminton Tao athletes for the outstanding performance at recent AJC events. Keep up the good work everyone!

2017 YONEX Gao-Badminton Open

2017 Canada Open teams training at SmashCity

Gao Badminton Tao welcomes many teams at SmashCity! It has been a privilege for us to host many top athletes who are competing at the 2017 Canada Open here in Calgary for practice. Teams from JAPAN, KOREA, MEXICO, PERU and CANADA have enjoyed training on our courts.

2017 Canada Open athletes sparring with Gao Badminton Tao trainees

Thank you to all the teams for sparring with our trainees. What an eye-opening experience for the youngsters to see top level badminton, and to have a chance playing with you! We hope to see all of you back here soon.

2016-2017 Season End Celebration Party

Celebrating the achievements of Gao Badminton Tao athletes and coaches in the 2016-2017 competitive season! We are very proud of all our athletes for the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout the year, as well as the efforts put in by our coaches to help trainees achieve their best! Let’s strive for an even better upcoming season! Keep up the good work.

YONEX SmashCity Junior Open

junior open

Photos from the 2017 YONEX SmashCity Junior Open! We had a wonderful time and we are so glad to have so many of you join us for our first tournament. We hope you had a blast! Thank you to all the players, you all played hard on court, and were very polite and nice to the tournament organizers and volunteers – you made our day! A shout out to the older grades for setting good examples for our young smashers to look up to: you left it all on court while being respectful to your opponents. We loved the atmosphere in here today. We hope to see you back at it soon!

Gao Badminton Tao trainee Brooks Liu to represent Canada at the 2017 Junior Pan AM Championships

Brooks Liu to represent Canada
All of us from Gao Badminton Tao wish Brooks good luck this week at the Junior Pan Am Championships. Play hard and give it your all, Brooks! We are here to support and cheer for you.

Congratulations to Coach Greg’s outstanding performances at the Canadian Masters Championship in Winnipeg.

Coach Greg double crowned winning both Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles. Your achievement and passion will continue to inspire our students and coaches alike!

Congratulations to our team’s outstanding performances at the Alberta Junior Provincials.

We won a total of 2 GOLD, 1 SILVER, and 3 BRONZE medals. Keep up the hard work team!!

Congratulations for your outstanding results!