Weekly League Details

All of the listed leagues have a consistent number of regular players already. Anyone who’s interested please contact the respective contacts for the session(s) you would like to join. Standard drop-in rate applies, no extra league charge. Players are responsible for their own shuttles.

Monday7:00pm-10:00pmAdult Recreational (Doubles)PlasticKen Tran403-836-9228ketran@gmail.com
Oliver Tang403-971-9018olivert@shaw.ca
Alek Tran403-969-2535alekt@shaw.ca
Tuesday10:00am-1:00pmAdults Recreational (Doubles/Singles)PlasticSam Su403-401-4715lijunsu@hotmail.com
Thursday5:00pm-8:00pmAdults Recreational (Doubles/Singles)PlasticSteven Gao403-771-7267stevengaojw@hotmail.com
Cong Chen403-909-1697chencong9097@gmail.com
Friday5:00pm-7:30pmAdult Recreational (doubles)PlasticJJ Wu403-614-8387jj.wu@cgg.com
Friday6:30pm-9:00pmAdult Recreational (doubles)PlasticSam Su403-401-4715lijunsu@hotmail.com
Saturday10:00am-1:00pmAdult Recreational (doubles)PlasticKen Tran403-836-9228ketran@gmail.com
Nam Truon403-389-7429nnamtruon@gmail.com
Saturday6:00pm-9:00pmStudent League
(Junior High to Post-Secondary age welcome)
Ryan Tan403-796-5476rytanwn@gmail.com
Sunday1:00pm-4:00pmAdult Recreation (Women's Doubles)PlasticJulia Lee403-389-6508Sammie650@gmail.com
Sunday3:30pm-6:00pmCompetitive Doubles/SinglesFeatherGreg Bury403-836-4403gbury@gao-badminton.com

SmashCity University/High School League

Powered by Gao-Badminton Tao

Starting September 9th, 2017, Gao Badminton Tao HS/Uni League will run once a week every Saturday from 6:00pm-9:00pm at SmashCity Calgary.

League organizers: Sunvy Tong; Ryan Tan

League scores and updates will be posted on our Facebook Group. Follow us and stay informed!

Season Details

  • Sept 9, 2017 – Nov 25, 2017.
  • 11 regular league days.
  • No league on Oct 7th due to tournament.


  • Register as individual player.
    • Players must sign waivers upon first league check-in.
    • $8 for drop in league fee.
  • Check in on day of League in person at SmashCity.
  • New players are welcome.

League Format

  • Doubles format; doubles partners will be randomly assigned each match. Opponents will be randomly assigned each match.
  • All games are self-officiated.
  • Badminton League is run on a point system:
    • 3 points for match won
    • 2 points for match tied
    • 1 point for match lost
    • 0 points for no show
  • Cumulative league points will be updated after every league day available for public viewing on Facebook Group: Gao Badminton Tao Saturday League – SmashCity Calgary

Game Format

  • All Badminton Leagues use a rally-point scoring system.
  • Each match consists of a two game format
    • Game 1 and 2 – first team to 21 points (must win by 2 capped at 30)
  • Report match results to League Coordinator after each match.

Season End Prizes Available!!

SmashCity Signature League

A feather shuttle event – players are to provide their own shuttles

Competitive Singles & Doubles

  • Time: Sundays 3:30pm-6:00pm
  • Cost: Drop-in fees apply
  • Sign up: as an individual. (check in with league manager upon arrival)

League Format

  • Co-ed doubles & singles
  • BWF standard 21 rally point system, deuce up to 30
  • Doubles: 2 games with each player on your assigned court
  • Singles: 1 match with each player on your assigned court
  • Check in and pay at reception up arrival