Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us or email us with your intended date and time. We will inform you of the requested availability and confirm or suggest another option (if no availability). Once confirmed, your booking is good to go. Please pay before playing at reception.

Court Rental guarantees the requested court space and time – you won’t have to share. Drop-in is a flat per-person rate but you may not always get your own court to play on during busy times, and will have to share with other drop-in players (doubles only when players are waiting).

Yes we do! They range from $2-$5 per racquet or ball

Contact us to book a complimentary evaluation! One of our experienced coaches will assess your level, discuss goals and make training suggestions to help you get started with us. If you know you want to take private/semi-private lessons already, send an email to us to set a time. Private lesson spots are booked weekly with four seasons/year – Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter.

(Example: Someone coming in to book a court for next month or in 3 weeks, is that okay?)

Absolutely! We take bookings as early as you would – just note our cancellation policy. For longer-term regular bookings (under contract), you will also enjoy some discounts! Inquiry at reception in person, email or call us to discuss.

We do not require membership – just flat court rental or drop-in fees.

We currently only do court rentals. Check out for affiliated clubs that run their trainings here.

We have annual events like SmashCity Open & Gao Badminton Tao Open. Check out the next event here.

We do! We have a collection of shoes for you to use while playing at the centre – it helps us to protect the courts too.

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