COVID-19 Information
Please review the relevant content below for safety policies and service changes

We are closed November 27th to December 18th due to new COVID regulations mandated by the Government of Alberta

In response to the announcements on November 24th by the Alberta government. We have made the decision to close Gao Badminton Tao & SmashCity for 3 week starting tomorrow November 27th. 
The new mandate specifies that "all level of sport is to be closed", given our service and business nature, we simply cannot continue to operate. This is a difficult decision that affects all our staff members, coaches, customers, athletes, and it was not made lightly. The safety and health of all remains the number one priority for our team and business. We thank you for your understanding and support. 
All services and training programs will not be available until further guidance from the government and/or Badminton Alberta. All payment will be converted into credits for usage after the club reopens. This includes training programs and court bookings. We understand there will be questions surrounding these. Please do not hesitate to reach out at , and we will try our best to provide answers and assistance. 
For information on the new government mandate, please visit
Please stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to serving you again soon!
Gao Badminton Tao & SmashCity Team 


General Safety Policies

To best protect your health and others health, all guests are required to follow these policies on the premises of SmashCity & Gao Badminton Tao. We would like to thank all of you in advance for your support during the pandemic period.

  • Please stay home if you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Every guest must apply hand sanitizer when entering & exiting the facility.

  • Please social distance at all times, including in parking lot.

  • All guests should stay at the designated area/court for the duration of training or play.

    • Please refrain from idling or socializing at the reception area and parking lot.

    • Please limit washroom usage.

  • Please bring your own water. Water fountains are open for refilling, but please do not drink directly from it.

  • Please change before arriving at SmashCity, and do not change in the washrooms.

  • Only trainees, league players, court rental players, coaches, and staff members should be inside the facility.

    • Parents are to drop-off & pick-up kids in the parking lot outside of SmashCity.

  • No Equipment Rentals. Please bring your own gears to play.

  • Please use contactless payment methods such as debit card or credit card.

  • Do not use, idle, or leave things in the public waiting area.


New Face Mask Bylaw

As of August 1st, the city-wide bylaw will be in effect. SmashCity and Gao Badminton Tao have prepared policies and precautions in order to follow these new regulations. These policies must be respected and followed for the safety and health of students, parents, players, and staff members. Failure to do so will result in fines, bans from the club, legal actions, and/or any other appropriate action.

Mask Rules

  • All athletes, parents, and staff members must wear masks when not engaging in physical activities.

  • Failure to comply will result in refusal of entry.

  • Staff members including coaches must wear masks, except for sparring.

Gao Badminton Tao  Training Modifications

  • Athletes and coaches must wash or sanitize hands before and after training.

  • Individual groups warm up, stretching, and dismissal.

  • Athletes have to use their own designated area for water break & lunch time (2 athletes per bench)

  • Staff supervised lunch time.

  • Refrain from face-touching during camp.

Measurements Against Failure to Comply

  • Everyone must respect and follow any and all official notices. This includes instructions given by staff members.

  • Failure to comply will result in fines starting at $500, further disciplinary actions such as full compensation for damages caused including putting others and the club at risk.

  • Continued disregard and violation of COVID regulations will result in the following measures taken.

    • The offender(s) will be banned from the premises of the club.​

    • Legal actions taken against the individual(s).


Drop-In and Court Rental Policies

  • No drop-In accepted. Please call or email ahead to book court(s) so we can follow
    capacity and social distancing guidelines.

  • Only singles should be played to ensure social distancing.

    • Doubles is permitted if players are from the same family.

League Policies

  • League sessions are adjusted to 2 hours for the pandemic period

  • League leaders will take the responsibility to carry out this procedure.

  • All players must take all of their belongs onto the designated spot on or behind the court.

  • No cash accepted at reception. Please use cheque or e-transfer for payment.

  • Maximum 4 people for one court.

  • Please reserve/book the court(s) ahead of time, to ensure safe capacity and distancing can be maintained.

  • Only singles games are allowed during this time.

    • Players from the same family can enjoy doubles games.

  • A waiver list will be signed by each league player and the league leaders will be given a copy  (Additional Resources)

  • No food in gym.


Training Program Procedures and Policies

Training Programs Procedures

  • Only 2 trainees per court, at opposite sides of the net.

  • Warm-up, drills, footwork, and stretching will be carried out on the individual trainee’s own designated court/area.

  • Given the 12-court space we have, there is a maximum of 24 athletes per team training session.

  • If the class size is bigger than 24, we will arrange additional training sessions to accommodate the additional athletes.

  • Trainees to remain on their side of the court for the duration of training

    • They must bring all their belongings, including outdoor shoes to the side of the court.

  • For drills or games that may bring the 2 athletes within 2 metres of each other, we will modify the exercises to ensure safe distancing.

  • There may be other activities like private lessons and/or individual court rentals happening at the same time of team group training, dependent on the group training size.

    • Between different groups, there will be 1 full court separating each other

    • Leagues are scheduled to be separated from any team training session.

  • Do not share equipment.


  • Must change into athletic gear BEFORE arriving at SmashCity. Changeroom cannot be used

  • Equipment cannot be borrowed at reception. Please bring your own rackets, shoes, and
    anything else you need

  • Must maintain social distancing with other trainees and coaches at all times

  • Please help remind each other to keep safe distancing

  • DO NOT LEAVE SHOES AT ENTRANCE. Bring ALL YOUR BELONGINGS to the designated area, and
    stay at the designated area for the duration of training


  • Please Drop-Off and Pick-Up your kids in the parking lot

  • Please have athletes enter the facility ONLY when it’s within 10 minutes to their lesson time

  • Please arrive and pick-up your kids within 10 minutes to the lesson finish time

  • Please maintain social distancing with other parents and trainees at all times

  • We apologize for the inconvenience, and kindly ask for your understanding

  • If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the front desk, or
    Coach Grace or Jordan

  • Please help us reduce contact by registering through the phone or email, and make
    payment through E-Transfer to Coach Gao at


Additional Resources

Screening Checklist - to further decrease the risk of transmission, we encourage the returning guests complete this checklist prior to arriving at the centre.

Rapid Response Procedure

League Registration & Liability Waiver - please scroll down to the third page after opening the document.

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