Mission Statement

Our team is passionate about badminton, and we care about people!

We are committed to provide the best facility and services to promote and improve the sport of badminton in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada.


Coach Grace Gao

Grace Gao

Junior High-Performance Coach


Grace was first trained by her father Dr. Gao, she then started competing when the family moved to Canada in 2004. She had the privilege of training under many great coaches throughout her career, namely the legendary Kim Don Moon. Grace has won many national and international titles, eventually paving a way for her to proudly represent Canada at the 2012 London Olympics. Her goal is to use her competitive experiences to inspire and train badminton enthusiasts of all ages, with a focus in producing high performance athletes. Together with her family, Grace is looking to help improve and promote the sport of badminton in Canada.

Head Coach Jordan Gao

Dr. Jordan Gao

Founder of Gao-Badminton Tao & SmashCity Calgary


Dr. Gao is the founder of Gao-Badminton Tao and SmashCity Calgary. He is a former professional geologist with a doctorate degree in geoscience where he completed more than 100 professional projects throughout his career. In addition, he has a passion for coaching badminton. Coach Gao has a keen eye in seeking out players’ strengths, and a keen mind in developing players according to their abilities. He treats each individual player’s development as a professional project where he really puts his mind and heart into designing a path that best suits the specific player. He has been grooming many young and talented athletes since 2009, taking them from beginners to provincial champions. In 2016, Dr. Jordan Gao fulfilled his dream of starting his own sports center: SmashCity Calgary.

In addition to Coach Grace and Coach Gao, we have great coaches! They have years of badminton experience as well as experience in games. Some of the senior coaches are also active players participating in international matches. Please join our group as well as private lessons!

Senior coaches

  • Imran Wadia
  • Kevin Barkman
  • Danny Pham
  • Abigail Wei
  • Greg Bury

Junior coaches

  • Tenzin Wangden
  • Sam Chen
  • Adrian Clark
  • Liang Yu
  • Dominic Guzman
  • Amber To
  • Michiko Straker


Provincial Tournament Champions