2017-2018 Regular Training

To register for classes:

  • Existing GBT trainees: Please email the trainees’ names and desired classes to info@gao-badminton.com (if you have taken classes with us, we should have your information in our registration system)

  • New trainees: Please fill out the online registration form linked behind each class, and we will confirm your registration shortly.

Payment must be received prior to the start of first class. Cash, cheque, and E-mail transfers are accepted.

If you have any questions, or general inquiries, please don’t hesitate to call us at (403) 569-0328. Thanks!


For students new to badminton

DayDate fromDate to # of classesTimePricing (incl. GST)Registration
WednesdayNov. 1Dec. 2087:00pm-8:30pm$210.00Register
FridayNov. 3Dec. 2286:00pm-7:30pm$210.00Register
SaturdayNov. 4Dec. 23810:00am-11:30am$210.00Register
SaturdayNov. 4Dec. 2385:30pm-7:00pm$210.00Register
SundayNov. 5Dec. 17710:30am-12:00pm$183.75Register
SundayNov. 5Dec. 1776:00pm-7:30pm$183.75Register


For students who have prior exposure to badminton and want to further develop the fundamentals.

DayDate fromDate to # of classesTimePricing (incl. GST)Registration
TuesdayNov. 7Dec. 1975:30pm-7:00pm$198.45Register
ThursdayNov. 2Dec. 2185:30pm-7:00pm$226.80Register
FridayNov. 3Dec. 2282:00pm-3:30pm$226.80check back soon
FridayNov. 3Dec. 2286:00pm-7:30pm$226.80Register
SundayNov. 5Dec. 1774:00pm-5:30pm$198.45check back soon

Intensive School Competitive

For students who have been on school teams & students who intend to try out for school teams.

DayDate fromDate to # of classesTimePricing (incl. GST)Registration
MondayNov. 6Dec. 1875:30pm-7:00pm$220.50Register
TuesdayNov. 7Dec. 1977:00pm-8:30pm$220.50Register
WednesdayNov. 1Dec. 2087:00pm-8:30pm$252.00Register
ThursdayNov. 2Dec. 2187:00pm-8:30pm$252.00Register
FridayNov. 3Dec. 2287:30pm-9:00pm$252.00Register
SaturdayNov. 4Dec. 2387:00pm-8:30pm$252.00Register
SundayNov. 5Dec. 1772:30pm-4:00pm$220.50Register
SundayNov. 5Dec. 1774:00pm-5:30pm$220.50Register

Junior High Performance

For students who compete provincially and nationally & students who intend to start competing.

(If you are interested please contact us to book an evaluation session)

Class TypeDayDate fromDate to # of classesTimePricing (incl. GST)
Pre-TeamSaturdayNov. 4Dec. 23810:00am-12:00pm$252.00
Semi-Private/Private lesson session
Team 2MondayNov. 6Dec. 1876:00pm-8:30pm$257.25
Team 2WednesdayNov. 1Dec. 2086:00pm-8:30pm$294.00
Team 2SaturdayNov. 4Dec. 2382:00pm-4:30pm$294.00
Team 1MondayNov. 6Dec. 1876:00pm-8:30pm$257.25
Team 1ThursdayNov. 2Dec. 2186:00pm-8:30pm$294.00
Team 1SaturdayNov. 4Dec. 2382:00pm-4:30pm$294.00

Adult Class

For adult students

(Dedicated times for Adult semi/ private lesson)

Semi/ Private lessons available. Please contact us to book.

Individualized Training

Private lessons

  • 1hr in length
  • Coach’s undivided attention
  • Price range between $60 – $70 depending on the coach

Semi-Private lessons

  • 1hr in length
  • Perfect for doubles pairs
  • Cost-effective
  • *SPECIAL RATE* $40-$50/person