2019-2020 Regular Training

To register for classes:

  • New students: Please download the registration form, fill it out and send it to info@gao-badminton.com. We will confirm your registration shortly.

  • Existing GBT students: Please email the name of the trainee, and desired class(es) to info@gao-badminton.com

Payment must be made prior to the start of first class. Cash, Cheque, or Debit Card are accepted.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at (403)569-0328. Thanks!


Name: Heming Gao
Email: gaoheming@hotmail.com
Please Include Student’s Name & Class


For students new to badminton


For students who have prior exposure to badminton and want to further develop the fundamentals.

Intensive School Competitive

For students who have been on school teams & students who intend to try out for school teams.

Junior High Performance

For students who compete provincially and nationally & students who intend to start competing.

NOW accepting NEW Students into Pre-Teams, age 5 and up are welcome.

(If you are interested please contact us to book an evaluation session)

Training ClassesTimeDayDate FromDate ToFee of Session# of SessionsTotal Fee incl. GST
Beginner/interest5:30-7:00 pmMonday06-Jan-2024-Feb-20258210.00
JrHP Team 25:30-8:00 pmMonday06-Jan-2024-Feb-20358294.00
Pre-Team 5:30-8:00 pmMonday06-Jan-2024-Feb-20358294.00

JrHP Team 16:00-8:30 pmTuesday07-Jan-2025-Feb-20358334.00
ISC/Intermediate5:00-7:00 pmTuesday07-Jan-2025-Feb-20308252.00

Beginner/interest5:30-7:00 pmWednesday08-Jan-2026-Feb-20258210.00
JrHP Team 25:30-8:00 pmWednesday08-Jan-2026-Feb-20358294.00
Pre-Team 5:30-8:00 pmWednesday08-Jan-2026-Feb-20358294.00

JrHP Team 16:00-8:30 pmThursday09-Jan-2027-Feb-20358334.00

ISC/Intermediate3:30-5:30 pmFriday10-Jan-2028-Feb-20308252.00
Beginner & ISC6:00-7:30 pmFriday10-Jan-2028-Feb-20258210.00
Beginner & ISC7:30-9:00 pmFriday10-Jan-2028-Feb-20258210.00

Beginner/Interest 10:00-11:30 amSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20259236.25
ISC /Intermediate11:30am-1:30pmSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20309283.50
JrHP Team 12:00-4:30 pmSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20359375.75
JrHP Team 22:00-4:30 pmSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20359375.75
Pre-Team2:00-4:30 pmSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20359375.75
ISC/Intermediate4:30-6:30 pmSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20309283.50
Beginner/Interest 4:30-6:00 pmSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20259236.25
ISC/Intermediate6:30-8:30 pmSaturday04-Jan-2029-Feb-20309283.50

Beginner/interest10:30am-12:00 pmSunday05-Jan-2023-Feb-20258210.00
ISC/Intermediate2:30-4:30 pmSunday05-Jan-2023-Feb-20308252.00
Beginner/interest4:30-6:00 pmSunday05-Jan-2023-Feb-20258210.00
ISC/Intermediate6:00-8:00 pmSunday05-Jan-2023-Feb-20308252.00

6:30-8:00 pm
(50 Midpark Rise SE)
SaturdayJan 11 – Mar 28
(no lesson on Feb 15)
*An assessment is required for all levels besides Beginners. All group programs will run based on a minimum of 4 trainees.
*No Refund will be issued after start of class.
*Training Fees Must be Paid in Full before the start of class for a spot to be reserved for the athlete.

Additional Program Location

Calgary South: Midsun Community Centre

50 Midpark Rise SE Calgary, AB T2X 1L7

Beginner – Intermediate

Training flowchart

Individualized Training

Semi/ Private lessons available. Please contact us to book.

Private lessons

  • 1hr in length
  • Coach’s undivided attention
  • $60 and up depending on the coach

Semi-Private lessons

  • 1hr in length
  • Perfect for doubles pairs
  • $80 and up depending on the coach